Any motorcycle that is over three years old is required by law to have a Ministry of Transport (MOT) certificate to confirm its roadworthiness. Your bike needs to pass a motorcycle MOT test every year to remain on the road. At Beakys Motorcycles, we perform full MOT test assessments for all Class 1 and Class 2 motorcycles.

If your bike is underperforming, it could be down to regular wear and tear caused by everyday use. A quick and cost-effective way to resolve the problem is to check your service history to determine what action to take . 

Even the best motorcyclists get involved in crashes from time to time and it is important that any repair work is conducted by a trained professional. At our Dorking shop, our team of mechanics handle everything from chassis damage and dented bodywork to engine troubles and busted electrics. Whatever the damage, we can fix it for you.

We recommend that you service your motorcycle at least annually or to the manufacturers recommended intervals. Our professional motorcycle mechanics perform a full and detailed examination of your bike, topping up any essential fluids, and checking all components for wear or damage. If we spot a potential problem we can also handle any repair work.