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Crash repairs!


Crash repairs, it happens to us all at one time or another, a momentary lapse of concentration or just plain bad luck and we slide our baby down the road. At Beakys Motorcycles we are fully equipped to repair crash damaged bikes and where necessary supply reports and evaluation in liaison with your insurance company to make sure your bike is back on the road as soon as possible

Some helpful tips

1) Don’t get back on the bike until its been professionally checked on an alignment jig.  There are plenty of stories of riders being seriously injured or killed in seemingly inexplicable accidents that have occurred within days of a minor drop.

2) Don’t start repairing cosmetic damage until the bike has been checked out on an alignment check as there are people who replace the plastics and then wonder why the front wheel now touches their new belly pan.

3) Consider your options, can the bike be repaired by using pattern parts and second hand spares rather being written off?

4) Do not report an accident to your insurance company that was your fault and that no one else was involved in to your insurance company as it could be repaired as opposed to being written off and loosing any no claims discount.

5) Be prepared to do the donkey work yourself in order to keep the costs minimal e.g. stripping and replacing parts.


WHAT TO EXPECT – hitting a pothole or a kerb might cause headstock damage or lightly bend the frame members.  A frontal impact at 30mph or more will damage the headstock and/or bend the frame.  Coming off is more likely to bend or break the subframe and may be engine mounts.  An end-over-end will bend the frame, damage the subframe and damage the headstock.

WHAT CAN BE FIXED – most bends, dents, scratches, collapsed headstocks and broken brackets.

WHAT CAN’T BE FIXED – subframes (usually too flimsy and are best replaced) and any frame with kinks or nicks in the metal.


WHAT TO EXPECT – hitting potholes or kerbs below 30mph doesn’t usually damage modern forks, especially if they are USD forks.  Higher speed impacts will bend the legs and twist the yokes whilst end-over-ends will mangle them.

WHAT CAN BE FIXED – minor bends and twisted yokes.

WHAT CAN’T BE FIXED – anything that is creased or bulged the legs, or cracked the chrome.  Broken yokes yokes shouldn’t be used again.


WHAT TO EXPECT – usually only a major end-over-end or a serious swipe from another vehicle will damage a swing arm.

WHAT CAN BE FIXED – scratches, light dents and minor bends to the bracing.

WHAT CAN’T BE FIXED – badly bent main members.


WHAT TO EXPECT – pot holes or kerbs may shatter a wheel that is already fatigued or faulty, but usually will flatten part of the rim at worst.  Harder impacts will crack the rim and big accidents will shatter the rim.

WHAT CAN BE FIXED – minor buckling and flattened rims – although its usually to cheaper to replace the wheel than repair it.

WHAT CAN’T BE FIXED – cracks and shattering.


WHAT TO EXPECT – a bike that falls of its side stand can bend a brake disc.  Falling off at speed or an end-over-end will bend/smash the brake disc if it hits something on the way down.

WHAT CAN BE FIXED – light bends

WHAT CAN’T BE FIXED – cracks and severe bends


WHAT TO EXPECT – scrapes and cracks in the panels and panel mounts even from dropping off the side stand.  Total disintegration in most other accidents. 

WHAT CAN BE FIXED – single cracks, broken mounts, scratches and light scuffs.

WHAT CAN’T BE FIXED – shattered panels and heavy scuffs.


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