If your motorcycle is more than three years old, you have a legal obligation to ensure that it is roadworthy. This involves taking (and passing) a motorcycle MOT test every year. At Beakys Motorcycles, we are a formal test centre for riders in Surrey. We are certified to assess both Class 1 and Class 2 motorcycles.
Regular use of your motorcycle can cause a drop in performance due to the everyday wear and tear of its component parts in motion. Often the most effective way to counteract this is to rebuild the engine or gearbox. We strip it down, cleaning all the components and repairing or replacing any that are too damaged or deteriorated.
If your motorcycle has been involved in an accident, you can rely on the team at Beakys Motorcycles to get it back on the road. All motorcycle crash repairs are performed at our shop in Dorking, where we handle damage to the chassis, bodywork, engine, and more. All repair work is completed to the highest possible standard.
Motorcycles require regular maintenance to ensure they can be safely ridden on the roads. At Beakys Motorcycles, we recommend a full motorcycle servicing every 6 months or so (or every 2500-4000 miles, if you prefer). We give your bike a thorough inspection, identifying any parts that need repairing or replacing and provide a quote for any additional work.