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Your Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is an annual legal requirement for any motorcycle once it becomes 3 years old in the UK. It determines that your bike it fit to be on the road in its current condition. Our motorcycle shop in Dorking also serves as a motorcycle MOT Testing Centre for Class 1 and Class 2 motorcycles.

We perform all motorcycle crash repairs at our Dorking shop, carefully restoring your bike to its former condition and getting on the road again. We can repair any damage to your motorcycle, from simple dents, scrapes, and scratches, to more severe problems like cracked fuel tanks, sheared cables, and more. At Beakys Motorcycles, your ride is in good hands.

To keep your motorcycle running at peak performance, it is essential that you give it regular servicing. At Beakys Motorcycles, we perform a  minor service to a full service, depending upon customer requirement on all makes and models for our Dorking customers. This includes checking your batteries, spark plugs, oils, chain and sprocket, and more. Why not book a full motorcycle service before your MOT test?

As any motorcycle rider knows, getting the right tyres for your bike is essential to it handling correctly on the road. At Beakys Motorcycles we have a selection of motorcycle tyres in permanent stock that cover most makes and models. If we don’t have a matching set for you, we can source them direct from our suppliers.

Motorcycle engines are robust pieces of equipment and can last for hundreds of thousands of miles given the proper care. Should they start to break down, a rebuild is often more cost-effective than getting a replacement. We provide quality builds for all makes and models of motorcycle, giving your bike a new lease of life.
When you bring your bike to our motorcycle shop, you get the service you need, regardless of the make or model of your ride. We deal with all bikes, including Japanese models, on repairs, builds, tyre replacements, MOT tests, and more. This applies to customers from our Dorking home town, from neighbouring Horsham, and further afield into Surrey.
With a trading history spanning more than fifteen years, Beakys Motorcycles is a well-respected name in the local motorcycle servicing and repair trade. We are an independent motorcycle shop, known for the quality of our motorcycle builds, tyres, and repairs, among other things. No wonder we have such an impressive history in the local motorcycle industry.
A dismantled motorcycle rests on a ramp inside a motorcycle shop, fron view, awaiting repair or customization

The owner of Beakys Motorcycles, Beaky, has been around bikes since he was 10 ½ years old. He started his motorcycle shop in 2004 and brings more than 30 years’ experience to every job. His small team of motorcycle mechanics have over half-a-century in the trade between them, ensuring quality work for every one of our customers.

Our motorcycle shop is based in the Surrey town of Beare Green, Dorking, where we welcome visitors from throughout the surrounding counties. We have parking space for up to ten motorcycles and deal with riders across a 50-mile radius. Whether you are from right here in Dorking, nearby Horsham, or beyond, you are guaranteed a quality service at Beakys Motorcycles.

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