The first thing we do is assess the extent of the damage. Our small, experienced team of professional mechanics are quick to identify what is wrong with your bike and what it will take to get it back on the road. We provide you with a full report.

Your motorcycle chassis and framework are built to take quite a bit of punishment, but even it will suffer damage when involved in a serious crash. At Beakys Motorcycles, we have the tools, parts, and experience to repair and reshape your chassis where possible. If the frame has been compromised in the crash, we can also offer replacement parts.
Beakys Motorcycles is a well-respected name within the local motorcycle crash repairs trade, and with good reason. In the 15+ years we have been trading, we have fixed thousands of bikes when their riders have needed us most. We are an independent motorcycle shop, capable of repairing any make or model of bike you might bring to us.

When it comes to motorcycle crash repairs, there are few shops in Surrey that can match us for experience. Our owner, Beaky, grew up around bikes and brings decades of experience to the business. His small, crack team of mechanics have also been part of the motorcycle crash repairs trade for more than fifty years between them.

All motorcycle crash repairs are performed at our shop in  Beare Green Dorking, Surrey. We welcome riders from across the county in need of quality crash repairs, although most of our customers come from within a 50-mile radius around the shop. This includes bike owners right here in Dorking, as well as further afield in Horsham and beyond.