All motorbikes over three years old are required to pass a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test every year. The purpose of the test is to ensure that the vehicle meets the minimum requirements under law for road safety. At Beakys Motorcycles, we provide full motorcycle MOT tests for Class 1 and Class 2 motorbikes.
Because of their construction, motorcycle engines are prone to losing performance simply due to everyday wear and tear. Fortunately, this phenomenon can be easily rectified with a motorcycle rebuild. We strip down your engine, cleaning up all its component parts and replacing any that are damaged. We rebuild it quickly and efficiently, resulting in a massive improvement in performance.
Repairing your motorcycle following a crash requires the right tools and experience if you are to guarantee it will be safe to ride once again. We perform all our motorcycle crash repairs at our shop in Dorking. Our team of experienced mechanics ensure a first-rate job every time you come to us.
If you want to keep your motorcycle operation at peak performance, you need to bring them in for regular servicing. At Beakys Motorcycles, we recommend you do so every 2500-4000 miles (or roughly once every 6 months). We perform a full motorcycle servicing for all our Horsham customers, checking your motorbike from end to end.